Many African dishes are naturally healthy and only need little changes. Making simple swaps means you can still eat the same dishes as before while also managing your blood glucose better.

Diabetes UK has produced an Eating Well With Diabetes series specifically for African cuisine. In this video , Shola Oladipo shares her tips on introducing simple and tasty tweaks to your meals that can make a big difference to your diabetes.

In this video, Shola shares her great tips for simple food swaps and how choosing the right ingredients can have a big impact.

Some simple swaps include:

Controlling your portion size and the frequency of eating are fundamental factors in weight management. In this video, Shola discusses ways to reduce your portions and avoid feeling hungry between meals:

When trying to create healthier habits, having support is crucial. Involving friends and family members in the changes you are making can make the habits stick:

The last part in this series is around physical activity. Moving more each day brings so many benefits to your physical and mental health, as well as helping your diabetes management.

These videos have been produced by Diabetes UK in partnership with Diabetes Africa Food for Purpose.

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