High and Low Blood Glucose Levels

This page is about low blood glucose levels or hypoglycaemia, and high blood glucose levels or hyperglycaemia. You may have experienced both depending on how long you have had diabetes, and very often they just become part of everyday life. Highs and lows can make you feel unwell and rough, although sometimes if you have them regularly you don’t realise how awful you feel until you get your levels back onto an even keel. There are ways to prevent them from happening, and prevention is better than cure! And it’ll make you feel better if your blood glucose levels are less erratic.

There is detailed information on the Diabetes UK website that gives information about the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of high and low blood glucose levels. Have a read to get more information and ideally prevent them from happening regularly.

The JustDUK1T website has a good section on hypos, and has people chatting about having them.

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