Referral criteria

Eligibility guidelines for who can get insulin pumps are produced by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (also known as NICE).

These guidelines state that for adults if you continue to have a HbA1c greater than 69mmol/mol (8.5%) despite optimum use of multiple daily injections or if you suffer from disabling hypoglycaemia you may be eligible for a pump. Disabling hypoglycaemia is defined as the repeated and unpredictable occurrence of hypoglycaemia that results in persistent anxiety about recurrence and is associated with a significant adverse effect on quality of life.

Children under 12 years old are eligible when multiple daily injections is inappropriate or impractical

Scottish guidelines are available here and these state that:

“[Insulin pump] CSII therapy is associated with modest improvements in glycaemic control and should be considered for patients unable to achieve their glycaemic targets. [Insulin pump] CSII therapy should be considered in patients who experience recurring episodes of severe hypoglycaemia.”

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