My Gestational Diabetes

My Gestational Diabetes
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This course, My Gestational Diabetes, provides information about gestational diabetes and is designed for women that have been diagnosed with this condition. However, if you are a family member or carer for someone that has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, or you are a health care professional that treats women with gestational diabetes, this will help you understand this type of diabetes better.

The course has 9 topics in total:

  • What is gestational diabetes?
  • Diagnosing gestational diabetes
  • What to expect
  • Managing diabetes with lifestyle
  • Managing diabetes with medication
  • Monitoring diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes and labour
  • Living with gestational diabetes
  • After pregnancy

These topics aim to teach you the important things you need to know about gestational diabetes. There will always be more to learn, but this course aims to give you a solid foundation which you can build upon.

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  1. Comment by Conor. M. on 21/12/2018 at 4:36 PM

    University of Dundee, it is not clear that the ‘Take this course’ option must be clicked before you can navigate to any of the topics in the course.

  2. Comment by Kirsten. C. on 10/01/2019 at 3:05 PM

    Hi Conor,
    I’ve amended the text to make the instructions clearer.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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