Understanding Type 1

Understanding Type 1
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This course, Understanding Type 1, is an introductory course that provides information about living with diabetes. Aimed at anyone diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it focuses on what diabetes is, how it is treated, complications that may occur, as well as what you can do to keep yourself healthy. The topic list (to the right) will give you an idea of all the information covered.

There are 2 other course, ‘Growing Up with Type 1’ and ‘Living with Type 1 Diabetes’  that may be a useful follow on from this course. The ‘Living with Type 1 Diabetes’ course covers topics related to daily living such as driving, alcohol, physical activity, holidays and more. ‘Growing up with Type 1’ is aimed at teenagers and young people living with type 1 facing new experiences such as drinking alcohol, attending festivals, employment and smoking.

This course covers a variety of different topics, some may be more relevant to you than others.  It includes information written by healthcare professionals and people with diabetes who understand the challenges and can offer advice and support. 

To  begin, click on the first section ‘Welcome to Understanding Type 1’ below! 

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