Below you can find an Arabic 7 day low carb meal plan. You can download this page as a pdf here.

Day 1

Scrambled eggs, halloumi and tomato

Scrambled eggs, halloumi and tomato (300g) with khubz (50g)

Kofta and salad

Koftas (150g) with salad (50g) and khubz (50g)


Laban (250ml)


Tashreeb (200g) with rice (50g)

Day 2


Jereesh (200g) and flatbread (50g)


Stuffed peppers & aubergine with mince, rice, vegetables (200g)


Dates (3 pieces)


Hashweh (200g)

Day 3

Poached eggs

Eggs (2) with khubz (50g)

Samak mashwi

Samak mashwi (350g) with rice (100g)


Peach (medium sized)


Koftas (140g) with salad (80g) and khubz (50g)

Day 4

Pancake with beans

Pancake (60g) with beans (89g). Serve with Laban (250ml)

Aubergine & halloumi

Stir-fried aubergine (100g) and halloumi (50g)

Greek yoghurt & berries

Greek yoghurt (40g) and mixed berries (70g)

Kibbeh, tabbouleh salad & vine leaves

Kibbeh (75g), tabbouleh salad (150g) and vine leaves stuffed with rice (125g)

Day 5

Shakshuka eggs

Shakshuka eggs (200g) with khubz (35g)


Moussaka with meat and vegetables (150g) and rice (100g)

Umm Ali pudding

Umm Ali pudding (70g)

Chicken curry

Chicken curry (250g) and rice (100g)

Day 6

Mushroom omelette

Made with 2 eggs and mushrooms (40g). Serve with khubz (50g)

Falafel salad

Falafel (100g) served with salad (70g), tzatziki (200g) and khubz (50g)


Mahalabia (80g)

Lamb chops & salad

Lamb chops (150g) with quinoa (200g) and fattoush salad (100g)

Day 7

Salmon with eggs & feta

Salmon (60g) with eggs (2), feta cheese (25g) and khubz (50g)

Lentil soup with kubba burghul and kibbeh

Lentil soup (200g) with kubbat burghul (80g) and kibbeh (80g)

Mixed fruit

Portion (150g)

Bamia and rice

Bamia curry (150g) with rice (100g)

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