Below you can find an African 7 day low carb meal plan. You can download this page as a pdf here.

Day 1


Oats (30g) with semi-skimmed milk (200ml)

Egusi soup

Soup (400g)


Papaya (100g)

Chicken stew & jollof rice

Chicken stew (140g) and rice (100g)

Day 2

Boiled eggs with vegetables

Eggs (2) with vegetables (30g)

Fish stew and rice

Fish stew (150g) with brown rice (100g)


Berries (80g)

Chicken stew and rice

Chicken stew (150g) with brown rice (100g)

Day 3

Poached eggs

Eggs (2) with mushrooms (70g) and avocado (70g)

Coated fish and salad

Coated fish (100g) and salad (50g)


Peach (medium sized)

Chicken stew with pap and green vegetables

Chicken stew (140g) with pap (200g) and green vegetables (80g)

Day 4

Fried eggs

Eggs (2) with 1 slice seeded bread and butter (1 tsp)

Okra soup

Soup (160g)


Mango slices (80g)

Beef stew and rice

Beef stew (150g) and brown rice (100g)

Day 5

Beans with eggs

Boiled eggs (2) with beans (80g) and 1 slice seeded bread

Ogbono soup

Soup (200g) with green vegetables (80g)


Orange (1 whole)

Black eye bean soup

Soup (85g) with mixed vegetables (80g)

Day 6

Poached eggs with salmon and avocado

Eggs (2) with salmon (50g) and avocado (70g)

Pepper goat soup

Soup (200g)


Portion (30g)

Mushroom omelette

Made with 2 eggs and mushrooms (40g)

Day 7

Cornmeal porridge with carnation milk

Portion (200g)

Tilapia fish with banku

Tilapia fish (100g) with banku (100g) and vegetables (80g)


Melon (125g)

Spinach stew

Stew (200g) with pap (100g)

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