Preparing to make the switch

Once an agreement in principal for starting pump therapy has been reached, the follow steps should be commenced;

     Structured education attendance


  •      Accurate Carbohydrate counting skills achieved
  •      E-learning or work book completed and reviews

–  Link to pre pump e-learning

  •      Certificate Achieved 
  •      Consultant approval that pump therapy is a safe option for individual
  •      Demonstration Session or taster session

This is usually involves wearing the pump with water for a few days to experience what 

           the pump is like to be attached to.

           pump start – usually 2 – 3 days spread over a week

  •      Return visit

 follow up care to support insulin pump therapy

  •      Refresher course

           Once established on insulin pump therapy the refresher course may be a year or so later to update 

           individual with any new educational topics or simple a reminder of training week.

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