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There are a lot of do’s and don’ts in terms of exercise but the main thing to remember is that you can adapt almost any exercise you want to do, and that staying healthy can be done!

If you are thinking about exercising, here are a few things to think about first:

  • Have you exercised in the past?
    • If you’ve exercised before, and just let it slip, have a think about how you managed then. Did you have any specific problems? Was there anything you particularly enjoyed?
  • What type of exercise do you want to start?
    • Running, gym, cycling, walking, gym classes, swimming? It’s good to decide what you want to try first as these can have different effects on your blood glucose. How suitable they are may also be affected by your stage of pregnancy – always seek advice before starting.
  • What are your goals (weight loss, improve blood glucose, feel better, long term health)?
    • It’s good to have a long-term goal as this will keep you focused, not just for during the pregnancy. Also these might change as you get fitter.
  • What are your concerns, or what barriers have you got that might stop you from exercising?
    • These are handy to note down as they will help you to realise what you need to understand about your diabetes.
  • How will you adjust either your insulin or food to overcome any problems or concerns you might have?

Again, make a note.   Here is a record sheet to complete which might be handy to look back on once you’ve started exercising.

Remember: if you are unsure or worried about starting exercise, contact your diabetes team who can give you some information and help you.

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