Jane – how to solve problems

Janes problems are that she goes hypo either during exercise or at the end, or during the night. She doesn’t want to eat extra carbohydrate food as she wants to lose weight. This means she needs to reduce her insulin to prevent hypos.

What she can try:

1. Before – Reduce her 6pm fast-acting insulin dose by 70% (this will help prevent hypos during and after exercise).

2. After – She doesn’t eat a meal after exercise.

3. Bed – She doesn’t want to eat extra carbs at bed so she can try and reduce her long-acting insulin dose, however she will need to monitor this and may need extra fast-acting insulin during the following day if she goes higher. If this doesn’t work she will need to try having a banana with no fast-acting insulin before bed (this will help prevent night hypos).

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