Paul takes fast-acting insulin before each meal, and has long-acting insulin around 10pm. He plays football on a Friday night between 6-7pm. He has lunch around 1pm and takes his normal amount of fast-acting insulin. He then usually goes for food and a few drinks with his pals at the end of the game. By the time he finishes football his blood glucose is always higher and he is very hungry. He has a small snack with no insulin as he is bothered about going hypo. By the time he gets to the pub and has food his blood glucose is higher, so he takes his normal (and sometimes extra if he is very high) fast-acting insulin with food. He drinks pints of lager and often the amount varies. He has noticed he sometimes has night hypos and he is often low at breakfast. Here is his insulin and exercise plan: Pauls insulin and exercise plan

What can he do to try to stop being high before and after football? Also what can he do to prevent lows in the night or at breakfast? Which insulin does he need to reduce? Have a look at the before exercise, after exercise, and before bed charts. Follow them through and see what you come up with.

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