Using handy measures for carb counting

Using handy measures for carb counting

Once you have got your head round carb counting, you may find that you can judge your portion size accurately for foods you frequently eat, without needing to measure it out each time.

Some people find it helpful to use some handy measures in your kitchen for measuring out your portion sizes. This might be using an ice cream scoop for mashed potatoes or using a specific serving spoon for pasta or rice. Once you know how many grams are in one scoop of mashed potato, or in one spoonful of pasta, then you can use this to measure your portion size.    

This means that you don’t need to weigh that particular item out every time to accurately know how much carbohydrate is in that portion.

Have a look at the video below to get some more ideas about handy measures you can use:

In the next topic we’ll look at how you calculate the carbohydrate content of recipes.

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